Archaeological IT is based at Aarhus University | Moesgaard Museum with a permanent staff employed at both institutions. We often support and offer internships for archaeology students or graduates who wish to improve their archaeological it skills. Contact us for more information.

Peter Jensen : Dr., Ph.D.

Peter Jensen

Dr., Ph.D. +45 24255941

Peter is the daily manager of the Unit of Archaeological IT, and has an academic background in Prehistoric Archaeology and Informatics from Aarhus University. He received his doctorate in Digital Heritage through a joint degree between Aarhus University and University of York in 2018. Peter started Arhcaeological IT back in 2009 and has been affiliated with several archaeological research projects, involving partners such as the National Museum of Denmark and the Danish Cultural Heritage Agency. On several occasions, Archaeological IT has lead the digital documentation strategies at archaeological excavations, providing the basis for method development and testing ground for various digital approaches to field documentation such as archaeological information systems, geographic information systems, event-based documentation, photogrammetry and 3D reconstructions. Peter's current focus is archaeological data models, web- and app-design, working towards online frameworks of open data, which contribute to scientific collaboration and public dissemination of archaeological data – textual and spatial.

Casper Skaaning Andersen : BA

Casper Skaaning Andersen

BA +4587162935

Joined Archaeological IT in 2010.

Solid background in GIS (geographic information systems) as well in land surveing (DGPS and totalstation).
Been doing lots of SFM (primarily agisoft photoscan/metashape) for danish museums and vectorgraphic editing for publications.

David Stott : Inspektør / Curator (PhD)

David Stott

Inspektør / Curator (PhD) +4552656110

David mainly does remote sensing for prospection and monitoring of archaeological sites and landscapes.  Also does geophysical and topographic survey, software development and GIS analyses.



Ib Radoor : Surveyor

Ib Radoor