Prospection & landscape analyses

Remote sensing

Globally cultural heritage is eradicated at an unprecedented rate by development, agriculture, and natural erosion. Remote sensing is an essential tool for rapidly investigating human traces over large areas of our planet before they disappear. At Archaeological IT we are at the forefront of developing methods for the identification and analyses of archaeological features using aerial and satellite imagery, drone photography and lidar.

Residual relief plot of the 2014 DHM lidar dataset showing Celtic field systems and bronze age barrows at Norreris

We have proven expertise in analysing these data at national scales, and recently have sucessfully demonstrated the utility of machine learning approaches for identifying archaeological features, allowing us to extend our observations and interpretations to datasets of immense size and complexity



We also have extensive experience of conducting, processing and interpreting geophysical surveys in partnership with Geoscience at AU and Museum Midt Jylland.

Landscape analyses

Landscape analyses are fundemental to lage-scale archaeological projects. We can provide proximity, cost path , viewsheds, hydrological analyses and much more.