Archaeological IT


Welcome to Archaeological IT at Aarhus University. We are situated at Moesgaard Museum, south of Aarhus, where we serve as partner in research projects and constitute a supporting role regarding archaeological IT applications for both university and museum. We also offer services to external partners, on projects with archaeological and heritage content.


Development of database applications with focus on specific archaeological problems and projects.

Digital distribution and dissemination of archaeological projects and data, e.g. visualization (3D, GIS) and development of internet applications.

Development of implementation strategies concerning new digital methods in archaeological research, e.g. documentation strategies in field archaeology.

Digitisation of archaeological data including elements of archaeological interpretation and scientific augmentation of data.

Coordination of archaeological data transfers; e.g. from paper to digital media or between different software platforms.

Courses in areas of field archaeological methods and the usage of information technology in archaeology, e.g. GIS, GPS, totalstation

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